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Castle Gunmakers, Norham, Northumberland

Restock your shotgun?

You may find yourself asking if you should restock or repair your shotgun if you ever damage your prize game gun. Restocking a shotgun is more often than not an expensive process and most customers claim on their insurance when they break their stock. However we are frequently asked to give a price to restock  uninsured shotguns which are often old family favourites such as hammer guns or Anson & Deeley non ejectors. In the case of many of these shotguns the cost of restocking far outweighs the value of the gun. What to do then? It’s always a shame to lose a shotgun that has sentimental or family connections, or that just happens to be your favourite.

Repair your shotgun?

Occasionally, if the stock is broken through the hand, we can effect a repair which can give a trusty old servant a new lease of life! Provided that the break is clean and that no well-meaning person has tried to glue it, a satisfactory (but not guaranteed) repair can sometimes be made at the fraction of the cost of a new stock.

The technique is to extend the top and bottom straps and to fit an extra hand pin. This method can only be used with certain clean cracks or breaks but often results in a very effective repair. We have just done such a repair on a Westley Richards Anson & Deeley.

Repaired Beretta stock

So if you have a favourite old shotgun that is lying in your gun cabinet with a broken stock – it may be worth seeing if we can bring it back to life! Let an expert advise whether it’s best to restock or repair your shotgun.

If your shotgun stock is beyond repair and the restocking is economically viable, we are happy to provide advice and estimates for side by sides, over and unders and anything unusual, just get in touch for a chat.


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