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Castle Gunmakers, Norham, Northumberland

New and used shotguns

New and used shotguns and rifles plus guns to order

Castle Gunmakers are Appointed Dealers for Rizzini, AYA and Webley & Scott shotguns in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. In our gunroom we also stock a wide range of new and used shotguns to suit most disciplines and budgets. Please get in touch or visit the shop to discuss any of the shotguns listed below.

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Beretta682Over & under12 gauge£1175
Beretta687 EELL ClassicOver & under12 gauge£6250
Beretta687 EL Gold PigeonOver & under12 gauge£2375
Beretta687 Silver Pigeon COver & under12 gauge£1525
Beretta687 Silver Pigeon IIIOver & under12 gauge£1675
Beretta687 Silver Pigeon VOver & under12 gauge£1795
Beretta690 Field IIIOver & under12 gauge£2275
Beretta686 Silver PigeonOver & under20 gauge£1295
Beretta690 Field IOver & under20 gauge£1695
Beretta690 Field IOver & under12 gauge£1795
BlaserF3 Grand LuxeOver & under12 gauge£6500
BrowningB125 Grade BOver & under12 gauge£1475
BrowningB25 B1Over & under12 gauge£1850
BrowningB25 B2Over & under12 gauge£2175
BrowningB25 B2COver & under12 gauge£2325
BrowningB25 B2GOver & under12 gauge£2775
BrowningB25 C2Over & under12 gauge£2995
BrowningB25 USA Grade 1Over & under12 gauge£2175
BrowningB27Over & under12 gauge£875
BrowningB325 G2Over & under12 gauge£1195
BrowningB325 G3Over & under12 gauge£1495
BrowningB425 Grade 1Over & under12 gauge£1275
BrowningB425 Grade 1Over & under12 gauge£1175
BrowningB525 Grade 1Over & under12 gauge£1425
BrowningB525 HunterOver & under12 gauge£1395
BrowningB525 Sporter OneOver & under12 gauge£1375
BrowningB725 Hunter G1Over & under12 gauge£1375
BrowningB725 SporterOver & under12 gauge£1445
BrowningB325 G3Over & under20 gauge£1875
BrowningB25 C2Over & under12 gauge£3495
Castle GunmakersKinmontOver & under20 gauge£11500
Castle GunmakersKinmontOver & under20 gauge£10750
FamarsExcaliburOver & under12 gauge£14750
Gamba, RenatoGold SportingOver & under12 gauge£1695
Macnab, JohnHighlanderOver & under12 gauge£1075
Blanch, John & Son-Side by side16 gauge£2350
Dickson, John & SonRound ActionSide by side12 gauge£26500
Grant, Stephen-Side by side12 gauge£7575
Greener, W. W.-Side by side12 gauge£1475
Hardy Bros.-Side by side12 gauge£975
Harrison & Hussey-Side by side12 gauge£13500
Hellis, Chas-Side by side12 gauge£5500
Holland & HollandDominionSide by side12 gauge£3250
Hollis, I. & Son-Side by side12 gauge£1725
Lang, Joseph-Side by side20 gauge£1875
London Sporting Park-Side by side12 gauge£2395
CZ550Bolt action.243£550
Mannlicher-Bolt action.308£1250
SakoFinnbearBolt action.270£575
BerettaAL 390 Silver MallardSemi-Auto20 gauge£775
Bonehill, C. G.-Hammer12 gauge£2175

Appointed Dealer

Castle Gunmakers are Appointed Dealers for Rizzini, AYA and Webley & Scott shotguns in Northumberland and the Borders.

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