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Shotgun tightening

Barrel/action tightening for most types of shotgun

Castle Gunmakers carry out barrel/action tightening for most types of shotgun

After time and use many shotguns will require the tightening of the action to the barrels to some degree. This is often carried out hastily and ‘on the cheap’ – a short term solution that can cause later problems and even de-value the gun. Shotgun tightening should always be carried out by a skilled gunsmith.

Shotguns with removable joint pins should be tightened by fitting an oversize pin. Those with solid joint pins can be tightened by piecing or welding the hook and sometimes by welding the bolt. Very occasionally shotgun tightening can be achieved by compression.

Tightening is a very delicate operation and much depends on the quality, design and value of the shotgun in question, be it sidelock, boxlock or over and under.

Castle Gunmakers are always happy to evaluate how your shotgun may need tightening and provide an estimate for the repair work required. Pop into the shop for more info or get in touch to arrange to have your shotgun tightened.

Arrange a gun repair

Our cost effective gun repair service covers the whole UK and we repair shotguns, rifles and air guns.

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