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Castle Gunmakers, Norham, Northumberland

Appointed Dealers for AYA shotguns

AYA shotgun sales in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders

Castle Gunmakers are Appointed Dealers for AYA shotguns in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

Based in the industrial heartland of the Basque region of Spain, AYA shotguns have a long standing heritage in weapons production, dating all the way back to 1915. Aguirre y Aranzabal (AYA) is one of many well known gun makers in Spain, with a reputation for the highest standards and traditional techniques.

AYA strive for perfection with every shotgun design, be it over and under or cross over, for fieldsports or clay shooting. Their shotguns feature the highest levels of refinement, beautiful stocks, handpicked engraving and smooth crisp trigger pulls.

AYA embrace a design that is close to many quality British guns, building Anson & Deeley style boxlocks and traditional bar sidelocks with Southgate ejector work. These designs enable AYA to manufacture high quality side by side game guns at affordable prices.

Please check our latest stock for further details on the AYA guns that we currently have available, or get in touch with us if you would like a quote for a specific gun.

AYA shotgun sales

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