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Castle Gunmakers, Norham, Northumberland

Bespoke shotgun sales

Bespoke shotguns engineered to the highest standard

We are proud to be able to offer our own bespoke shotguns – The Kinmont Range – named after the infamous Border Reiver, William Armstrong of Kinmont (Kinmont Willie). These guns have been manufactured by the finest Italian craftsmen to our own individual design.

These guns are round bodied and based on a well proven Italian action engineered to the highest standard. We have combined the best of modern manufacturing skills with the highest quality hand finished detail, producing a high grade of gun at an affordable price. They are beautifully balanced with fine handling and exquisite lines.

Lineage of The Kinmont

In this age of modern manufacturing there is still the debate – “which is best hand-made or machine made?” Many of today’s modern luxury items can be produced either way and often contain an element of both. Supercar parts are mainly made by machine, but assembled and finished by hand. This is often the case with modern shotguns.

From the earliest days of manufacturing, history has shown us that any form of technology that enhances mass production methods and aids reliability is embraced and built upon. This has been especially true of weapon and warfare manufacturing over the centuries and is now ever more present in the world of the sporting gunmaker.

At the turn of the twentieth century Webley produced the Model 400, the first mass produced British boxlock shotgun that took advantage of machined parts whilst still relying on ‘chisel and file’ handwork as it progressed along the assembly line. Further advances in mill and lathe technology enabled Webley to manufacture further models this way until production ceased in 1979.

In 1930 John Moses Browning, the son of a Mormon gunsmith from Utah USA, designed the famous ‘superposed’ Browning. This shotgun carried his name but was built under license by Fabrique Nationale in Herstal, Belgium and is still in production today. His design allowed for the use of mill, turret, capstan and centre lathes to precision manufacture many parts with the lower, basic models requiring little hand finishing.

The Webley and Browning proved that machine made guns could still retain the feel and balance of those that were hand made. More importantly they could exhibit the ‘life’ of their more expensive counterparts, especially when finished by a craftsman’s hand. This opened the door for the likes of Italy’s Beretta, Japan’s Miroku and many others to produce consistently high quality, reliable guns at an affordable price.

The gun trade now has available an array of wire cutting machines, lasers and multi axis CNC technology which allows for craftsmanship and innovation to be accurately reproduced. Many top makers now add these basically machine made guns to their portfolio, each finishing them in their workshops to a greater or lesser degree.

Which is how we come to The Kinmont by Castle Gunmakers – a delightful over and under shotgun designed in a classic British style. After more than 50 years in the gun trade and with close ties to the top Italian manufacturers, Barry had always wanted to designhis own quality, fast handling, roundedaction game gun within the budget of the discerning shot. After several visits to Gardone, home to the best Italian engineers and craftsmen, the design and build were finalised. The end result is a very British feeling over and under with great life and handling characteristics, built to exacting modern engineering standards in Italy and then finished by hand in the UK. Available to order in all popular gauges. Please contact us for more information.

Bespoke Gunmaking Service

The contacts that we have forged with the Italian gun trade over the years mean that we are able to create and build any type of gun to a customer’s requirements. With full control over the design and manufacturing process we can ensure that you will not be disappointed with the end result. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Arrange a gun repair

Our cost effective gun repair service covers the whole UK and we repair shotguns, rifles and air guns.

Appointed Dealer

Castle Gunmakers are Appointed Dealers for Rizzini, AYA and Webley & Scott shotguns in Northumberland and the Borders.

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