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Shotgun servicing and rifle servicing

Avoid problems with your shotgun and rifle with regular servicing

Cost effective servicing and rifle servicing

Having your gun serviced once a year is overlooked by many who feel it is unnecessary and unduly costly. However most of us would never go a year without having our car serviced and see it as well spent preventative medicine. It is the same with your shotgun or rifle – which may even be worth more than your car and expected to last longer!

Shotguns and rifles contain metal parts which are often under stress and are sometimes used in wet conditions. Regular good cleaning, lubrication and fault diagnosis are essential to preserve good wood to metal fit and precise operation. Shotgun servicing can identify weak, worn or loose parts that may cause your gun to fail when you need it most – that special driven pheasant day when few of us have a spare gun!

Common problems only found when the gun is stripped down for a service can include:

  • Loose bridge and hand pins that can later lead to a cracked stock
  • Loose bridle pins that can lead to broken swivels or tumblers
  • Dents in barrels that can cause stress leading to rivelling
  • Mushroomed or worn strikers that can lead to misfires
  • Water ingress that causes rust to the mechanism
Cost effective servicing and rifle servicing

Cost effective servicing and rifle servicingIdentifying any of these problems during a service can save you money and inconvenience. Different levels of servicing are available for boxlocks, sidelocks, over and unders and rifles:

  • Wash out and re oil
  • Annual routine service
  • Full Strip, Clean and Overhaul

Please contact us for advice and a quotation or drop into the gun room in Norham, Northumberland if you’d like a chat.

Arrange a gun repair

Our cost effective gun repair service covers the whole UK and we repair shotguns, rifles and air guns.

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