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Shotgun license renewal; certificate links, downloads and rules

Shotgun license renewal; certificate links, downloads and rules

At Castle Gunmakers we noticed a recent article on the Shooting UK website. It highlighted some of the elements that you might need to consider long before your shotgun license renewal date comes around. Here’s what you need to consider.

Set an annual reminder for your shotgun license renewal

One thing that comes highly recommended is the need to set a reminder for your shotgun license renewal. This should be well in advance of the actual expiry date too. Not all police forces send out reminders, so don’t rely on a letter to prompt you into action. Some police forces list details on their website, and you can look up your local force here.

Regardless of where you live, the advice is to renew your shotgun license 3 months before it is due to expire. Waiting any longer may result in the renewal being delayed. Should you forget to do this and the Police don’t send a reminder, you could be stuck without a shotgun license for months.

Download the form and return it with copies of previous certificates

So instead of waiting, download the shotgun license renewal certificate from the official Government Portal here. Alternatively you can click on this direct download link. It’s free to download, but renewal currently costs £49.00. Don’t forget, to ensure a swift turnaround include photocopies of current and past shotgun certificates.

Although it is wise to send copies of the current and past certificates with your renewal, you should keep the original (otherwise you won’t be able to purchase shells or prove lawful ownership of your shotgun).

Helpful advice for shotgun license renewals

If you’re still unsure how to renew a shotgun certificate it’s worth visiting the Metropolitan Police site for further information.

Likewise, membership with a recognised shooting organisation such as BASC can prove advantageous. They should have experts on hand to provide advice and guide you through the shotgun license renewal process.

Be honest and detailed when completing the shotgun license renewal form

When completing the shotgun license renewal form, one thing you must ensure is that you read through it first, then answer all the questions fully. In particular there are two sections that you should ensure are correct and honest:

  1. With the exception of parking offences all convictions must be listed (both in the UK and whilst abroad).
  2. You should make certain that all health related questions are accurately answered, in particular those relating to drink, drugs, depression and disability.

When health issues are confirmed and medications are listed a letter will be sent to your GP in order to verify details. If the details provided are correct, and the appropriate medication is being used, you shouldn’t have a problem with the renewal.

Renewal form countersignatories and return options

Finally, in order to complete your shotgun license renewal form it is necessary to have it countersigned. The person who signs the form must have personally known you for at least 2 years and be in work (or retired from) a recognised profession.

Examples would include your Doctor, a lawyer, MP or civil servant. The UK Government “Countersigning passport applications and photos” page contains a full list of recognised occupations for countersignatories.

If you are applying online you can attach a photo taken on your phone. For shotgun license renewals that are posted you’ll need a proper photograph. If you do post the renewal, ensure to request recorded delivery at the post office (keeping the receipt just in case there is a problem).

If you do experience a problem, even with an early shotgun renewal application, you can ask for a temporary permit. This is very handy if your current shotgun certificate expires before the new one is issued.

With these shotgun license renewal guidelines, the details available on the Metropolitan Police site, the Government Portal website, and advice from organisations such as BASC, you should be able to work through your shotgun license renewal form without any issues.

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