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Castle Gunmakers, Norham, Northumberland

In April this year we wrote about a pair of Best London Sidelock cross-over shotguns that we were converting to conventional right-hand configuration. All the difficult metalwork had been done and we had sent them to be re-stocked.
A pair of high quality walnut blanks with good straight grain through the hand were sourced by one of our most trusted stockers (a life-long friend of Barry) and were approved by the customer. Time was taken in the gun-fitting process to ensure cast, bend and length measurements would result in a perfect “fit” for the customer, making the guns feel very much a part of him.
The pair of guns were then stocked to these measurements and oil finished. Gold ovals were inserted and engraved with the owner’s initials. Once restocked the original case was beautifully restored to complete a most satisfying project.
A fine pair of English guns, unusable by their owner as cross-overs have now been returned to the family collection to be used and enjoyed by generations to come.

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