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The best UK fieldsports video sites

Hunting grouse and other wildlife in the UK is exciting and a wonderful way to spend a holiday. However, it’s not always hunting season. What do you do when you can’t engage in your favourite country sport? You can catch up on all the news, events, and more by watching videos online! Here are five of the best UK fieldsports video sites that you might want to have a look at.

Sporting Scene

Sporting Scene is the UK’s leading producer of fieldsports DVDs. The site has an extensive collection of DVDs to choose from, including gun dog training, pet dog training, air rifle shooting, clay shooting, deer stalking, game shooting, pigeon shooting and many others starting from £32.95. If the fieldsports DVDs and videos don’t keep you entertained, then you could also browse through the books about shooting, stalking, ferrets, gundogs and fly fishing. Box presentation sets are also available too, which are ideal as a gift.

Fieldsports Channel

Fieldsports Channel, available both at and on YouTube, features a wide range of videos covering shooting, fishing, and hunting. You can catch up on TV shows and films, all of which are free to stream. The site includes over 2,600 movies and ten different programming channels, including Claysports TV, NRA TV, and Fishing Britain. You can create an account to receive notifications when your favourite shows release a new episode, but that’s not required.

Fieldsports & The Scottish Sporting Gazette

The website of the Fieldsports & the Scottish Sporting Gazette includes numerous videos. You’ll find informative videos on how to build a pigeon hole, information on partridge chicks, and instructions on making a variety of mixed drinks. The video section is just one small part of what the Fieldsports website has to offer. There are sections devoted to fishing, shooting, stalking, gun dogs, and more. You can access everything on the website for free even, if you don’t subscribe to the magazine.

The Shooting Show

The Shooting Show, which has both its own website and a YouTube channel (search for “theshootingshow,” all one word), offers three different categories of video. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about different guns, get some great shooting tips, and learn about different hunting animals. The Shooting Show Shorts section features short films the crew has made on hunting. Finally, the Airgun Show discusses hunting with airguns. In total, they have over 400 videos available that are updated regularly.

Fieldsports Britain

This YouTube channel focuses on shooting, fishing and hunting. The series puts out a new episode every Wednesday. The channel has been posting videos for eight years, so there’s plenty of content to view. In fact, there are almost 300 episodes as of November 2017. Recently Fieldsports Britain hasn’t added new videos, but it’s still a good source of information for country sports enthusiasts, however. You can learn everything from tips for shooting a Christmas goose to comparisons of UK vs. international hunters.

Team Wild Hunting

Finally, the Team Wild Hunting YouTube channel has some great videos. Found at, these hunting enthusiasts report on some of the best hunting experiences in the UK and around the world. They have video series covering airguns, global hunting, and great shooting opportunities in England. With over 1,200 videos, there’s enough to keep you coming back for days. Team Wild Hunting also continues to update, about twice a month.

Don’t forget, when it comes to the best UK fieldsports video sites you can also watch some old clips of Barry on the Castle Gunmakers website too.

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